Rumor: Is ‘Doctor Strange’ Eyeing Jared Leto?

Doctor Strange Jared Leto

Marvel’s Doctor Strange has finally found a director in Scott Derrickson. Could it also be closing in on a lead? According to a new rumor, recent Oscar winner Jared Leto is being eyed for the title role. Hit the jump for more on this potential casting.

As with any comic book movie, there’s been lots of speculation over the years about who could play Doctor Strange. This particular story originated at Badass Digest, and like all the others should be taken with a big grain of salt. Their source indicates that Marvel “likes or liked” Leto for the part. Meaning he was in the running before, but may or may not be at this point.

Leto is far from the first actor linked to the role, of course. Earlier this year we heard that Johnny Depp had met with the studio about the part. As of last summer, the word was that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the top choiceJustin Theroux, Adrian Brody, and Mads Mikkelsen have also been the subject of rumor in the past.

BD isn’t a fan of the possible Leto casting, adding, “God help us all if that’s true.” But how likely is it that this rumor is true in the first place? And would it be so bad if it was? Leto might not be anyone’s ideal fantasy casting for the Sorcerer Supreme, but he’s got chops. And Marvel’s track record with casting has earned them the benefit of the doubt, in my opinion.

Fresh off of his Academy Award win, Leto has both prestige and name recognition but not too much of either. That is, he’s big enough to attract some buzz, but not so big that he’s out of Marvel’s reach. If he wants to kick his career up to the next level, a high-profile franchise like Doctor Strange could be the logical next step for Leto. 

On the other hand, there’s little evidence that Leto actually wants that kind of career. He acts infrequently — his last performance before 2013’s Dallas Buyers Club was 2009’s Mr. Nobody — and seems to favor indies and dramas over action-packed blockbusters. A multi-picture Marvel contract would be quite a change of pace for him.

Either way, we’re sure to get some confirmation soon. Well — first, we’re likely to get a lot more rumors. But eventually, we’ll get the confirmation. Doctor Strange has not announced a release date.


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