“They are requesting a call sign.”

“It’s Rogue…Rogue One.”

Hey, that’s the name of the movie!


I’m still trying pin down exactly what kind of man Director Orson Krennic is beyond “really bad guy with cool cape who does evil things,” but knowing that he’s the kind of man willing to look Darth Vader in the face and lecture him about power says an awful lot. It’s not clear how much of a role the Dark Lord of the Sith plays in this movie (it’s probably just a small cameo), but I like the idea of using his iconic presence to showcase what kind of villain Krennic is. This could be a fascinating study in contrasts.


Some people have been wondering if this shot of an Imperial officer from behind is supposed to be Grand Moff Tarkin, the villain played by the great Peter Cushing in the original 1977 Star Wars. After all, there were rumors that the character was being brought back into the fold (and he did get his own in-canon novel recently). And if this officer is supposed to be someone familiar, shooting him from behind in the build-up to the reveal of his face would be the right thing to do…


Two things to note about this image. First, I love that Rogue One is embracing every single design choice from the original trilogy, which includes that very silly helmet. Second, that certainly looks like Jedha being targeted on the big screen, which lends credence to the theory (discussed in our previous trailer breakdown) that the Death Star will be initially tested on this planet, albeit in a weaker form.


Ah, would it really be a Star Wars movie without a scene where everyone gathers around a holographic image of a super-weapon for a desperate meeting? In addition to Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor, this meeting is also attended by familiar faces like Mon Mothma and General Dodonna. If you look off to the far left, you can see the Mon Calamari Admiral Raddus, who was officially named and revealed as part of the next wave of Rogue One toys.


When we were first introduced the AT-ST Walkers, they were awkwardly shuffling around the forest moon of Endor and getting obliterated by teddy bears. From this shot, it looks like these things may be far better equipped for urban combat, where they seem ideal for navigating narrow streets and alleyways. For the record, this is most definitely Jedha and presumably part of the same action scene we’ve glimpsed in previous trailers, where Rebel forces (very likely under the command of Saw Gerrera) and Imperial soldiers clash in the streets.


And speaking of Saw Gerrera, this trailer fully reveals just how literally damaged this divisive Rebel leader truly is. After all, he’s been fighting since the Clone Wars and all of the battles have taken their toll on his body. It’s surely no accident that the most violent of the Rebel leaders is a cyborg with a few missing limbs who seemingly needs assistance breathing…


With the feet shot, Saw’s full suit can be appreciated in its full context. This seemingly cobbled-together armor isn’t for protection – it’s keeping him alive. I hope Forest Whitaker enjoyed playing a brutal cyborg rebel leader as much as I intend to enjoy watching Forest Whitaker play a brutal cyborg rebel leader.


“We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope!” Nothing to say here beyond noting how much I love Chirrut’s joyous reaction to Jyn’s big pep talk. Full eyes, clear hearts, can’t lose intergalactic conflicts.


Here are the Imperial construction yards at Scarif, the place where the Death Star was finished and (presumably) the site of the film’s climax. We know from the previous trailer that Jyn ultimately ends up fighting for her life on top of that giant central building. Meanwhile, we know from other trailers and photos that the rest of the cast will be fighting in the jungles and on the beaches below.

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