Rogue One trailer breakdown 19

Between the first trailer and the sizzle reel screened at Star Wars Celebration, we’ve already seen a number of beats from the big battle on Scarif, which certainly looks like the climax of Rogue One. And yet, the glimpses shown in this new trailer reveal just how much cinematographer Greig Fraser seems to be bringing to this film. You don’t hire the man who shot Zero Dark Thirty unless you want something raw and real. These shots, handheld and immediate, feel like nothing we’ve seen in a Star Wars movie.

Rogue One trailer breakdown 20

More loaded imagery! Made all the more fascinating by Fraser’s past work!

Rogue One trailer breakdown 21

“There is a 97.6% chance of failure.” He may be a massive robot designed to intimidate and kill, but there is definitely a little bit of C-3PO in K-2SO. I’m curious to see how Cassian and his antisocial droid companion get along, with early word suggesting that these two function like a more dysfunctional Han and Chewbacca.

Rogue One trailer breakdown 22

Here is the trailer’s only look at the Death Troopers, Director Krennic’s specially trained team of elite Stormtroopers. They’re being kept in the background right now, but expect to see them everywhere come December as they become the public face of this movie on every toy package and every Burger King cup.

Rogue One trailer breakdown 23

This trailer gives much of the cast a proper introduction, but can’t find time for Riz Ahmed’s Bodhi Rook, the Imperial cargo pilot who switches sides when he has a crisis of conscience.

Rogue One trailer breakdown 24

Much of the action we’ve seen in the trailers for Rogue One is ground-based, but this shot of three X-Wing starfighters cruising through a canyon suggests that we may get at least one classic dogfight.

Rogue One trailer breakdown 25

Baze Malbus has been described as a heavy weapons guy since the original character details dropped and this trailer shows off his skills. Here he is, armed with the Star Wars equivalent of a rocket launcher…

Rogue One trailer breakdown 26

…and here is his target, an Imperial walker that takes an explosion right in the face. Note that while these look like AT-AT walkers, they are actually AT-ACT walkers, a slightly larger version designed to haul cargo and supplies. After all, Scarif is the Empire’s big construction yard and you need something to carry all of the big stuff.

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