Pixar Goes To the Pompeii Ruins

After posting the Future of Pixar update, I received a lot of emails from people asking “What happened to Brad Bird‘s 1906?” or “What about the long rumored John Carter of Mars adaptation?” Well there are a couple answers, but the best one to lead with is that the Disney/Pixar press conference focused only on their future animated film releases. Anyways, 1906 is in pre-production, and Campania’s new regional heritage councilor, Claudio Velardi, let word slip in a archeology article in Newsweek that Pixar and Warner Bros. are interested in using the ruins of Pompeii for a future movie set. Roman Polanski’s Pompeii shot in Spain due to the ruins “astronomical” rental fee. So it’s not set in stone that Pixar will pay the large fee to shoot in the ruins of Pompeii.

Now here is where things get interesting… My friend Mike at The Pixar Blog point out that 1906‘s retelling of the story of the great San Francisco earthquake, might not require shooting on the ruins. Pompeii is not even mentioned once in James Dalessandroonce’s book. But Velardi, while never mentioning the film’s title, does mention Warner Bros/Pixar, two studios that have teamed up to produce Bird’s adaptation of 1906. So either Bird has scripted a new scene for 1906 set in Pompeii, or maybe it’s an entirely different project completely…

Could Warner Bros also be teaming up with Pixar yet again for the long rumored adaptation of John Carter of Mars?

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