Paul Scheer’s Rules To Watching Piranha 3D

Piranha 3D is getting rave reviews from the few who have screened it this week. The film currently has 82% on Rotten Tomatoes with 28 reviews filed, and it seems like this is the movie people were hoping Snakes on a Plane and Grindhouse would’ve been. CHUD even said that ‘Piranha 3D could be the finest film of our time’, I kid you not. And is calling it “The Citizen Kane of killer piranha movies.” I hope to see it myself tonight.

Comedian/actor Paul Scheer, who is featured in the film, believes the movie should be watched as an interactive comedy experience like The Room or Rocky Horror, and has constructed a list of rules for anyone who watches the film. The list is kind of like a drinking game of sorts. Hit the jump to read them now.

Paul Scheer’s Rules for Watching Piranha 3D

  1. Applaud every time Christopher Lloyd comes on Screen.
  2. High Five the person next to you every time you see boobs.
  3. Whenever Ving Rhames does something bad ass yell, “Fuck Yeah Ving!”
  4. Throw Swedish Fish at the Screen every time someone dies…with 500 deaths it’s going to be tough, bring multiple bags. (Gummy Bears also work)
  5. Dance along with the underwater naked 3D ballet. (Yes, this movie has one of those)
  6. Do a Shot of an alcoholic beverage (which you snuck in) every time a character in the movie drinks.
  7. If you see a CGI penis exclaim “IT ATE HIS PENIS”
  8. Fill the movie theater with water for the last 20 minutes of the movie and have your own spring break.
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