There’s no sequel to Paranormal Activity this year, but just as the new year turns there will be The Marked Ones. Directed by Christopher Landon (who co-wrote Paranormal Activity 2-4) this is the “Latino-themed” spin-off we’ve heard about. It has some black magic, some super powers via possession, and some good old fashioned street intimidation. Check out a trailer below.

While this has the elements listed above, what it doesn’t have is any scares, or much of a sense of personality. It looks more like a knock-off of Paranormal Activity than a spin-off. But there’s probably just enough of a sense of the parent series to draw audiences in. And I do want to know what’s up with that scene with the eye. (Between that and the box of VHS tapes, this trailer has two solid points of reference to the V/H/S films, which I didn’t expect to see.)

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones opens on January 3.

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