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Header Photo: Scooby Doo lost mysteries by IBTrav.

What Do The Season 2 “Reboots” Of ‘Fargo’ & ‘True Detective’ Say About The Future Of TV?

The 25 Greatest Films You May Never Get To See

Frozen Is Coming T-Shirt

Frozen Is Coming T-Shirt

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ ‘The Goonies,’ and Why It’s Good That Kids Like Crap

A Tribute To Menahem Golan, The ’80s Genre Movie King

unused Jurassic Park poster

Another unused Jurassic Park poster

Why Halt & Catch Fire is must-see geek TV (and why we can’t let it die)

The Cultural Curse of Knowledge and Movie Spoilers


Wild Concept Art For The Trippy Final Moments Of Luc Besson’s Lucy

The KnickDraws Gross Audience of 1.7 Million for Cinemax, HBO Weekend Plays

An Underpaid Mary Poppins (Kristen Bell) Sings About Being Dissatisfied With Making Minimum Wage & Quits

Martin Scorsese‘s doc ‘The 50 Year Argumentgets premiere date on HBO

Gonna Need a Bigger Boat t-shirt

Gonna Need a Bigger Boat t-shirt

Ed Harris Joins HBO’s Westworld as ‘Distillation of Pure Villainy’

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