Darth Vader Tattoo Comes With A Pre-Made Lightsaber

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Header Photo: This Darth Vader Tattoo Comes With A Pre-Made Lightsaber

Why don’t we see LGBT parents portrayed in children’s films?

The Sorry State of Manhattan Movie Houses

Mike Mignola's Concept Art For Disney's Atlantis

Mike Mignola‘s Otherworldly Concept Art For Disney’s Atlantis

Why Hasn’t Hollywood Made a Movie About This Myth Yet?

Disney’s Doing Great, So Why Buy a Bunch of YouTube Channels?


This real-life photo of Marge Simpson will haunt your dreams forever


How to Survive a Flood (According to the Movies)

Breaking Bad Blueprints

Breaking Bad Blueprints

Rio 2 Actually Broke A World Record At Its Miami Premiere

Game Of Thrones Reviewed In 9 Minutes

From Dusk Till Dawn’ TV Show Gets Second Season

I Drive 88MPH t-shirt

I Drive 88MPH t-shirt

Oren Uziel Scripting Blueprint For DreamWorks’ ‘Heist

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