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Header Photo: Code in Movies and what it really does

We Are All Jordan Belfort: Why Moviegoers Rejected Martin Scorsese‘s ‘Wolf of Wall Street

12 Movies to Watch Before You Go to the Movies in 2014
Cat tie fighter

This Cat has a Tie Fighter Following Him Wherever He Goes

Why Amazon Prime Is Better Than Netflix

Spike Jonze: Auteur Of Alone

Official Disney Princess Bra And Underwear Sets from Japan

WTF: Official Disney Princess Bra And Underwear Sets from Japan

The Case for Not Calling Animals ‘Props’

Which Crowdfunded Sundance Film Will Be the Biggest Festival Success?

Minion Meets Star Wars Cake

Minion Meets Star Wars Cake

“Animation For Adults” Film Series Will Screen in Los Angeles

True Detective Season 1: Tested

HBO’s ‘Girlslaunches a Snapchat account


NC Councilman Submits Resignation Letter In Klingon

Gone With the Wind‘ Actress Alicia Rhett Dies at 98

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