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Header Photo: This Gamorrean Pug Guard Isn’t Amused

DoesThe Walking Dead‘ Still Have A Woman Problem?

A new study tracks 2013’s most-pirated movies

Star Wars Adult Onesies

Star Wars Adult Onesies For Dreams Of A Galaxy Far, Far Away

I Watched China’s ‘Top Gun’ — So You Don’t Have To

The Movie Deal Netflix Wants to Make — And It’s Not Day-and-Date

Gray Matter Technologies t-shirt

Gray Matter Technologies t-shirt

Why do studios stagger the release of movies like ‘Thor: The Dark World’?

Adam Goldberg Explains Why The Goldbergs Isn’t Set in a Specific Year

Wall-E Commercial Bounce House

Wall-E Commercial Bounce House

Scary Movies That Don’t Scare You

Short Film of Death: ‘M is for Macho’ Makes a Play For Zombie Dominance

Could Terrorists Really Take Over the White House?

Fifth Element concept art

Fifth Element concept art reveals Prince’s original look as Ruby Rhod

Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn to Guest on The Mindy Project

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