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Header Photo: Star Wars Mens R2-D2 And Boba Fett Onesies

Destroy All Monsters: Can You Like The Film If The Filmmaker’s A Dick?

6 Filmmaking Tips from James Wan

Mindhole Blowers: 46 Writers’ Room Facts You Might Not Know About Your Favorite Shows



Audiences Are Ruining the Quiet Horror Movie Experience

Hollywood’s Tale of Two A-Lists: Why Chris Hemsworth Will Never Make Robert Downey Jr. Money

Back To The Future Cake

Back To The Future Cake

How STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Is A Crypto-Truther Conspiracy Movie

Inside James Cameron's sleek sub

Inside James Cameron‘s sleek sub

Apple To Update Its Apple TV With Impressive AirPlay Feature On Sept. 18

Neill Blomkamp‘s Elysium is real, and located in Malibu

Mischief managed: researchers produce an invisibility cloak in just 15 minutes

Displate Metal Posters

Displate Metal Posters

Roger Ebert‘s hometown raising money for statue

WATCH: TIFF Press Conferences for ’12 Years a Slave,’ ‘Gravity,’ ‘Prisoners,’ ‘Labor Day,’ ‘Enough Said’ and More

Fall 2013: Complete chart of premiere dates

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