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20 Science Fiction Moments That Will Make Absolutely Anyone Cry

A Complete History of the Sequel Trilogy: Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII, and IX

Game of Thrones “Hand of the King” Balloon Sculpture

Game of Thrones “Hand of the King” Balloon Sculpture

Dexter EP Prepares for Polarizing Fan Reaction to Series Finale, Maintains, ‘It Feels Right to Us’

Why It’s the Perfect Time for a ‘Doctor Who‘ Movie

Storm Trooper Minion

Storm Trooper Minion

‘Pacific Rim’, ‘The Lone Ranger‘, And The Necessary Evil Of 3D

10 Movies…That Are Spinoffs, Not Sequels, Of Popular Movies (Like Disney’s ‘Planes’)

Pacific Rim Concept Art

Pacific Rim Concept Art Roundup

Jeff Bewkes: Pay TV Channels Probably Won’t Be Offered A La Carte

Man Builds Accurate Replicas of Famous Cars From Films

10 True Facts About the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi


Turn Yourself Into a Loyal Minion With This “Despicable Me” Pinafore

Adam Brody Wants To Do An ‘O.C.‘ Reunion As A Stage Show

MovieSlate for iOS

Apple Also Seeds Apple TV 5.4 Beta 4 To Devs: Adds Automatic Configuration

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