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Header Photo: Giant Star Trek Back Tattoo

The Ten Most Egregiously Idiotic Things About ‘Pacific Rim’ (SPOILERS)

21 Movies You Can Still Look Forward to In the Second Half of 2013

LEGO Sharknado

LEGO Sharknado

29 Years Ago This Weekend Was the Best Weekend To See a Movie of All Time

Is It Smarter To Invest In Silicon Valley Or Hollywood?

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe pose for their 3rd grade photo

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe pose for their 3rd grade photo

13 good performances in terrible movies.

8 iconic movie roles Johnny Depp almost played

"Suspiria" by David Moscati

Suspiria” by David Moscati

The Top 7 Shows that Influenced ‘Pacific Rim

Supercut of Actors Riding Elevators in Movies

Veronica MarsGets Book Series Spin-Off

"The Exorcist" by David Moscati

The Exorcist” by David Moscati

10 great westerns that inspired the terrible ‘Lone Ranger

Watch a 19-Year-Old Patton Oswalt Do Stand-up

Costumed Trekkies to Attempt New World Record at the Official Las Vegas Con this August

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