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Header Photo: Star Wars Episode VII poster by Lyndon Berresford and Paul Bateman

WhyUnbreakable’ is the Secret Meta Sequel to ‘Die Hard

Why the Hell Does Hulu Show Spoiler Commercials for the TV Show You’re Watching?

New Hanksy mural next to the Melrose Gallery1988 art gallery .

Will iTunes Ever Be Bigger Than Discs for Home Video?

A Brief History Of Nerds In Pop Culture

Dark Lord Happy Hour t-shirt

Yes, There Are At Least 38 Sundance Movies That You Will (Probably) Get to See

30 Mind-Blowing (True) Facts about Famous Movie Scenes

Replica Back to the Future time machine for sale on eBay.

Is Netflix Smart To Dump Its New Shows in One Big Chunk?

It’s Spock! It’s Spock! Do You Care? [Video]

Movie Blitz by RockYou, Inc. is now available for iOS

Star Wars Saga Mapped

SNL’s Fred Armisen on Social Media’s Role In Television

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Stars in Milk Mustache, Got Milk? Campaign’s Super Bowl Ad

Movie House of Worship: The Colonial Theatre from ‘The Blob

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