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Header Photo: Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cards

20 Thoughts on the 20th Anniversary of Groundhog Day

Twenty-seven TV credits that evolved with their series

Fan Made Star Wars Movie Trailer in the Style of J.J. Abrams

Entourage‘ Movie: 5 Celebrities Who Should Reprise Their Roles

20 Instances In Which Real-Life Age Differentials Would’ve Made Parent/Child Characters Practically Impossible

Titanic retold in Emojis (submitted by /Film reader Raj R)

What Your Favourite Star Wars Movie Says About You

6 Filmmaking Tips From Silent Era Icon Harold Lloyd

The Kiss (Klimt – Inspired Han / Leia) by *Rabittooth

The craziest ways Daniel Day-Lewis prepared for roles

Man Of The Future –  Back to the Future / Man Of Steel Trailer mash-up

James Franco says he’d do full sex for a scene because of course he would

Robert Shane‘s Star Wars/Star Trek mash-ups

Kathleen Kennedy to Receive Pioneer of The Year Award

U.S. Poster For Cristian Mungiu‘s Cannes Award Winning Drama ‘Beyond The Hills

Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace in Talks for ‘Child 44

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