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Header Photo: R2-D2 yarn bomb

What is the Subtext of George Lucas’ Star Wars Exit Interviews?

From Jeff Zucker to Kathleen Kennedy: 14 Who Have a Lot on the Line in 2013

Scott C’s Ferris Bueller Great Showdown.

Todd McCarthy Picks 15 Films to Look Forward to in 2013

2012’s 15 Most Filmed Places in Greater Los Angeles

Man Eats Entire Denny’s Hobbit Menu In 20-Minutes

Drew Taylor’s Top Ten Favorite Films of 2012

9 worst movie lines of 2012

An Alternate Poster Design for John Dies at the End

If Twilight 5 Was 10 Times Shorter and 100 Times More Honest

Comic Mark Malkoff Tries to Get Bill Murray to Have Dinner With Him

ScreenCrush’s The Top 20 Movies of 2012

Star Wars Boba Fett Ice Cube Tray

14 Cinematic Questions We Demand To Have Answered in 2013

Honest Trailer: The Lord of the Rings

10 Ways Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Changed Cinema Forever

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