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Header Photo: Aaron Paul as a Ghostbuster

Proceed With Caution: The Year in Movie Spoilers

Screenwriter Geoff Latulippe explains how to read and write

Hollywood Rejection Form Letter from the silent film era

10 Screenwriters to Watch 2012

How the Story of a Master Director Beat the Odds: The Making ofHitchcock

Middle Earth map dress

The best home theater in a box (does not exist)

Hollywood Loves the ‘R,’ but the Big Money’s Rated PG-13

Awesome Storyboards from 15 of Your Favorite Films

The Lord of the Rings timeline is hidden within your Mac

Transformers go Gangnam Style

Top 10 Unconventional Christmas Movies

Iconic 3D movie audience photo taken 60 years ago this week

Oscar Odds for November: Best Picture Power Rankings

Joshua Budich “Boy Meets Worldprint

11 of the Least Inspirational Speeches Ever Delivered in Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies

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