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Header Photo: Steampunk Buzz Lightyear

The 5 Tony Scott Movies You Really Must See (If You Haven’t Already)

Film-Term Glossary: Understanding the Differences Between 2K, 4K, 35mm, 70mm and More

E.T. “Be Good” street art in Los Angeles

Top 10 remakes that got it right

Add Every Nicolas Cage Movie To Your Netflix Queue With One Click

CANNOT BE UNSEEN: Bert And Ernie Real-Life Cosplay

Why Our (Film) Elites Stink

CBS Films Sets Release Date for Michael Douglas-Robert De Niro Comedy ‘Last Vegas

Brad Hill’s Clay Characters piece for Gallery 1988’s Step Brothers art show

You need to fund this Airwolf documentary.


Dave Perillo and Tom Whalen will be having an “Around the World in an 80’s Daze” art show at Gallery 1988 Venice on September 28th.

 “Around the World in an 80’s Daze” which will be a collection of limited edition screenprints based off of pop culture subjects from the 1980’s done in the style of vintage travel posters.

What Is Your Dream Broadway Musical Adaptation Of A Movie?

An early preview of Dave Perillo‘s Thundercats-inspired “Thundera” piece from the above mentioned art show.

8 Ridiculous Movie Title Changes

Watching movies in India is a little different

4 Horror Movie Villains That Aren’t Scaring Us Anymore

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