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Header Photo: Fro Design Co‘s Psycho poster print.

Why Arrested Development on Netflix could change everything

How Much Money Do You Need to Do Scrooge McDuck’s Money Swim?

Labyrinth Tattoo

7 Dinosaurs Discovered Since The Last Jurassic Park Movie That Need To Be In Jurassic Park 4

What Breaking Bad Owes to The Shining

Only Once You Live Yoda Shirt

Will the internet free motion pictures from the old ways of telling stories?

12 Missing Actors Finally Located in a Lifetime Original Movie

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Boardgame

5 Essential Film Scores by the Late Marvin Hamlisch

Teen Wolf/Back to the Future-inspired t-shirt “Bark to the Future”

Netflix Offers One Month of Free Disc Rentals to Streaming Subs

‘Glow with the Show’ Now Glowing at Disneyland Park

5 Awesome Ed Norton Performances and 5 That Sucked

Harry Potter Paper Mache Dementor

Five Favorite Films with Timothy Spall

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