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Header Photo: A movie poster for a Walt Disney Biopic starring Ryan Gosling that doesn’t exist, but should.

The Problem With Modern Studio Film Posters; Rejects lists 5 Classic Posters Every Film Fan Should Consider

400 Hunger Games fans are camping at L.A. Live for the film’s premiere.

Take a look at Cinemetrics, “essentially a fingerprint or signature which can illustrate various characteristics of a movie, making it easy to then compare and contrast one with the other.”

Watch the Willy Wonka “You Get Nothing” Remix by SrslySirius

One of four surviving posters from the 1921 classic Metropolis is being offered for $850.

In 2004, NASA landed a remote rover on Mars. The above letter was sent to NASA by Muppets‘ Professor Honeydew as congratulations.

Seattle Weekly wonders: Should Washington State Subsidize the Movie Industry?

Last Exit to Nowhere designed the crew t-shirt for John Carter, and is selling copies.

Pajiba lists 10 Films Considered Box-Office Failures That Weren’t Actually Box-Office Failures

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