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McDonalds will have Phantom Menace 3D Happy Meal toys.

THR lists FunnyOrDie’s Top 10 MVPs.

LucasFilm is promoting Phantom Menace 3D with a website which allows you to become Darth Maul. reports that Star Wars budget translated to 2012 figures, A New Hope cost $40 million and made $3,082,922,515. That amounts to a $3,042,922,515 profit. By comparison, James Cameron’sAvatar generated $2,782,275,172 in profit, and it cost $280 million to make.

Kevin Henry pays tribute to iconic automobiles from cinematic history.

The FW lists The 10 Least Successful Spin-Offs In TV History

Robert AtkinsThe Rocketeer illustration.

Do the Golden Globes Actually Have Any Impact on the Oscar Race?

Star Wars Stormtrooper Silicone Ice Tray

CinemaBlend lists The 10 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2011

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