Check out the poster for David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis.

TopTenz lists the Top 10 Silent Movie Comedians

ParaNorman goes viral.

Pajiba lists the 15 best single episodes of television in 2011.

Pikachu R2-D2 tattoo.

David Fincher discusses his favorite Star Wars film:

Star Wars. Empire. It’s the only answer. I appreciate Star Wars; it’s an amazing accomplishment, it is an A+. I think Empire’s an A++ because it’s one of those movies where it was, remember, it was my senior year of high school in the summer. When I saw that George Lucas was going to do the AT-ATs on baking soda with stop-motion and he was going to turn a pivotal character over to Frank Oz and he was going to play it as a Muppet, I thought, “This fucking guy has balls, man.” It’s unreal the risks that he will take in order to tell us his story. And the fact that it comes off so well, that it’s so deftly done, is just the ultimate to me, the cobbling together of all of these magical disciplines to make this thing that is so much greater than the sum of its parts. That’s spectacular. The cast is spectacular, everybody works well, it’s fun, it’s crazy good. Crazy good entertainment, amazing cinema.”

Christmas LEGO Dalek.

Warner Bros has resolved the lawsuits over The Hangover II.

Video: A Gift for Megatron.

Blastr lists 17 Hollywood classics reimagined as bloodthirsty zombie thrillers

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