Header Photo: Halloween costumes – expectations vs. reality

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Header Photo: Halloween costumes – expectations vs. reality

Spout lists 10 Film Franchises That Need a Christmas Movie

Onyx the Corgi dressed up as Serenity, the ship from Joss Whedon’s Firefly.

TVO lists The 10 Movies I Am Afraid to Watch

On Halloween, director Eli Roth spent the night scaring fans in the Hostel maze at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. He tweeted the above photo with: “If you are on line @HorrorNights #Hostel you are seriously fucked…”

MoviePool lists 6 Not-So-Iconic Horror Movie Villains Who Could Use a Better Agent

/Film reader Andy M sent over this photo of a couple dressed as Alfred Hitchcock‘s The Birds.

Brian Salisbury lists Deep Cut Halloween Gems.

/Film reader MYAvatar sent over this Halloween costume photo: James Franco from 127 Hours.

Straight.com lists 10 underrated horror movies on dvd.

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