The 300th Edition of Page 2

Fight for the Empire t-shirt.

ToplessRobot lists the Top 10 ’80s Cartoons That Need Reboots

Star Wars Alphabet by Fabian Gonzalez

We Told You What To Dream lists The 5 Worst Movie Theater Disruptions

A Doctor Who-inspired balloon sculpture.

Millennium Entertainment acquired North American rights to Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Intruders.

Watch Brad Pitt Get Hit by 230 CGI Cars

Zachary Quinto says he is prepping for Star Trek 2 but hasn’t yet seen the script:

“I’m starting to shift into that mode of preparation,” he says “I have physical training and other ways of prepping for it. None of us have seen the script. We’re all very curious to see where he’s taking us this time. We’re going on rumors, little hints here and there, stories we’ve been told.”

DIY Baby Yoda Costume.

WhatCulture lists 5 Reasons Why We SHOULD Sue Hollywood.

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