Samurai Umbrella

Thanks to the 3D rerelease, The Lion King has made it to the List of Top 10 Grossing Films of All-Time Domestically.

Kasey Tararuj‘s Tim Burton piece for the Iconoclastic Dead art show.

WiReD lists the Top 10 Halloween Movies for Younger Kids.

Lee Unkrich has posted a photo of an impressive collection of Toy Story toys.

Movieline lists Netflix’s 10 Most Rented Movies, which Will “Shock, Delight, and Sadden You”

Check out this massive LEGO recreation of the battle of Isengard from Lord of the Rings.

WhatCulture lists the 12 Most Over-Used Horror Clichés.

Mae Ryan has created a video about Lebowskifest, titled “Living Lebowski, Dude”

The Harry Potter e-book launch has been delayed until 2012.

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