YahooMovies has a new UK quad for Machine Gun Preacher.

Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol director Brad Bird praises Tom Cruise:

“He’s ruined me for everyone else. I’m not going to understand after this point why any actor doesn’t want to do all of their own stunts and hang off of a mile-high building. He truly loves the movies and the movie-making process, and he knows a ton about it but is incredibly polite and shows up on time and has done all of his homework. He’s made for movies the way Michael Phelps is built for swimming. You look at the directors he’s worked with too, it’s a who’s who. Scorsese and Kubrick and Spielberg and Oliver Stone — when Oliver Stone was making better movies — and Michael Mann and Sydney Pollack and on and on and on. It’s kind of stunning. Not every one of them was a great movie, but he’s worked with great directors over and over again, and you can engage him in those conversations.”

Watch Jason Eisener‘s promo for THE ABCs OF DEATH.

Moviefone lists 31 Reasons to Buy a Movie Ticket in October.

Doogie Fett has created the ultimate Chewbacca costume.

Alan Tudyk talks about his five favorite movies.

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