More hilarious Transformers: Dark of the Moon Hostess snack cakes tie-ins.

Screenwriter Diablo Cody blogs about her upcoming NYC press tour for Jason Reitman’s Young Adult, and responds to hearing that Bobcat Goldthwait attacks her in his latest film God Bless America, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival:

I’ve been sad because I heard Bobcat Goldthwait (who is actually a really talented writer/director) brought a movie to Toronto that rips on everything stupid about American pop culture; namely, reality TV, Idol, Kardashians and…me? I don’t even consider myself a part of “pop culture” these days. I’m a screenwriter with a hit-or-miss career. I don’t really go out to events. I don’t have a million Twitter followers or a massive fandom (In fact, I seem to have a much larger and more vocal “un-fandom,” if you know what I’m saying.) I would think that to pollute pop culture to such a degree that it warrants being eviscerated in a movie, one would need to be, you know, powerful. Visible. Ubiquitous. I’m none of those things and I haven’t been in a while. Maybe this movie has been on the shelf? Hope so, but I doubt it. I ordinarily shake these things off, but it sucks extra hard when the criticism comes from someone you admire. Shakes the Clown is an excellent movie. Plus, I always assumed Goldthwait and I were kindred spirits— we both have silly aggro fake names, and we’ve both spent our careers (his long, mine short) trying to transcend the gimmicks we’re known for. Dear Bobcat: Juno is my “growly voice.” Let me evolve, as you have evolved.

McFarlane Toys has unveiled the packaging for its PREVIEWS Exclusive Walking Dead Zombie Roamer and Zombie Lurker figures.

RopeofSilicon lists the top ten Baseball movies of all-time.

Jedi Dogs.

BAD has a listing of fantastic food options for those of you visiting Austin for Fantastic Fest.

Empire premieres a UK quad poster for Miss Bala.

The Lion King 3D opened at #1 in theaters this weekend with an estimated gross of $30 million.

If there were a Atari video game for Avatar, it would look like this.

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