MTV has premiered a new photo from Real Steel.

The AV Club talks about the first R-Rated movie they saw in the theater.

The Art Of The Title Sequence takes a look at Taxi Driver.

Listen to Dan Trachtenberg (Director) and Mike Zarin (Composer) talk about their popular viral short film Portal: No Escape on the Soundcast.

Those pesky “truthers” over at GeeksOfDoom take a look at the Conspiracy Behind The Destruction Of Sauron’s Tower In The Lord Of The Rings.

Jason Statham talks about The Expendables 2:

Sly and the motley crew are gonna get together and I’ve been invited to the party, and I wanna go there. I had such a great time with Sly, he’s a man I’m very happy to work with again. … they start in two weeks time. Literally, I’m gonna go from one – I’m making a movie with Taylor Hackford in New Orleans called Parker, I’m going straight from there to Bulgaria. That’s where we’re at, Expendables 2 Bulgaria.

Check out the new poster for In Time.

Canadian helmer Bruce McDonald is attached to direct the $25 million supernatural thriller Dark Highway for Palomar Pictures and Foundation Features.

Today’s t-shirt of the day on TeeFury is Fight Club-inspired design “Durden’s Soap”

EW lists the 8 meanest jokes at the Charlie Sheen roast.

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