Watch Jurassic Park retold with toys.

UGO takes a look at Kids’ Shows For Grown-Up Nerds.

Stay at a real-life Hobbit house for only $245 a night.

Star Wars day is coming to the Los Angeles zoo.

Watch the US trailer for Julia’s Eyes.

Topless Robot lists he 11 Greatest Ray Harryhausen Monsters.

Infographic: The history of Darth Vader.

NerdB lists the TOP 10 Saddest Fictional Creature Deaths in Film.

Stormtrooper hood ornament.

You must read the hilarity that is Armond White‘s 30 Minutes of Less review.

Watch animatics of Disney World’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Roller Coaster.

Badass Digest wonders which is a more offensive glorification of date rape: Revenge of the Nerds or Sixteen Candles?

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