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Doormanideas posted this awesome MST3K Headboard.

James Spader is in talks with NBC to join The Office.

This is the German logo for Pixar’s Brave.

THR takes a look at Pixar’s Highs and Lows of the last 25 years.

Producer Dean Devlin talks to Collider about Independence Day and Stargate sequels as well as staying at The Shining mansion while filming season 4 of Leverage.

DreamWorks will have an early screening of Fright Night 3D at Comic Con.

Today’s t-shirt of RIPT Apparel is a Harry Potter-inspired design “By Wandlight”.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon director Michael Bay has published a thank you note to fans:

I just want to take the opportunity to thank all the fans around the world for letting me have fun with the Transformers franchise. It has been a wonderful opportunity to have worked with about 4000 crew members around the world. These artists are some of the very best in the entire film business. I?m honored to have had you work along side me. We had an amazing time. Dark of the Moon has some of the most technically challenging sequences ever shot. And shot in 3D. I must urge you to find the very best theatre and see this movie in that format. 3D was a forethought, not an afterthought in this movie. I?m glad Jim Cameron and Steven Spielberg really convinced me to shoot in this new technology. We used and invented many new techniques to make the 3D sharper, brighter and more color contrast. I think theatre owners heard their audience that they need to respect the specs of the projectors and not dim the bulbs to save money. Many theaters are presenting it in the brand new 7.1 sound, which is awesome. This is the most complex, intricate sound track that me and my Academy Awarding winning sound team have done. They really out did themselves to make this a big picture experience. Hopefully you will have as much fun watching this movie as we all had making it.  Thanks, Michael Bay

Toy Story in real life.

Cars 2 underperformed in the East, did slightly below average at the box office on the West Coast, but was a hit in the red states.

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