Check out this movie poster for Timecrimes filmmaker Nacho Vigalando‘s Extraterrestrial.

The Walking Dead is casting zombie extras in Atlanta for season 2.

The Playlist has a first look at Willem Dafoe in Abel Ferrara’s latest 4:44 Last Day On Earth.

Cracked lists 6 Classic Movies You Didn’t Know Were Remakes.

Face hugger train lines?

Michael Bay will pay you $25,000 if you can spot The Twins in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, because they aren’t in the movie:

After the internet posting of a nice review by someone who saw Transformers Dark of the Moon, the writer had not been clear on one thing. He misstated that the Twins are in the film. They are not. So I am offering a $25,000 REWARD to anyone who can find them performing in Transformers 3, on July 1, when the movie opens. The Twins are not in the movie. You will not find them anywhere. Trailer houses sometimes use shots that are not in the movie! End story I’m don’t wasting my time this!

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon cake.

Guyism lists 6 Disney villains that should be considered heroes.

Repainted Iron Man suits.

Movieline lists 9 Milestones in the Evolution of Will Ferrell.

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