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Superman announced in Action Comics #900 that he is renouncing his US citizenship.

Guyism lists 9 movie characters who are undeniably stalkerish.

Hell Girl and Babe Sapian cosplay.

KoldCastTV lists 10 Reasons Half Baked is a Comedy Classic.

/Film fav artist Dave Perillo created an awesome Planet of the Apes piece.

The Atlantic lists 11 Awesome Shows Brought Back To Life After Cancellation.

The Emperor’s arrival recreated in LEGO.

Alice Ward, the mother of retired boxing champion “Irish” Micky Ward, who was portrayed by Melissa Leo in The Fighter, has died at 79 years old.

Read 14 year old Stephen King‘s 1961 submission letter to Spacemen Magazine for his short story called The Killer.

Cracked lists 5 Trends You Think Are Ruining Movies (Are Older Than Film).

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