Today’s t-shirt design on RIPT Apparel is the Star Wars inspired “Jawa Keg Party”

Warner Bros. has hired 2 screenwriters from Tron: Legacy to help bring the adaption of the Dark Horse comic-book Rex Mundi to the big screen.

Bert from Ernie and Bert, in real life.

Woot lists six movies to watch while waiting for Season Five of Mad Men.

Someone has finally created a Star Wars parody of the Rebecca Black music video “Friday” titled “Primeday”.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe says he would love to work with Christopher Nolan and the Coen Brothers — well duh!

Dark Horse Digital will be releasing their iOS app on April 27.

Ghostbusters co-star Ernie Hudson tells TMZ that he has not been offered a role in Ghostbusters 3, yet…

SnorgTees is selling the Star Trek red shirt inspired t-shirt “Live Fast, Die Red”

Jon Jeans talks to Skewed & Reviewed about playing Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 mission in Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

“On the set of Transformers, Cory and I were sitting on some apple boxes in our space suits in-between takes and this nice old guy just came up and started talking to us. I don’t remember the specifics of the conversation, just that the guy was friendly and I was thinking, “It’s cool that this old stage hand is taking the time to talk us.” Well right about then someone said, “Do you know who this is? This is John Frazier; he won the Academy Award for the special effects in Spider-Man 2.” John started to laugh and said, “You know what? I want to show you a picture, I’ll be back.” I thought I’d never see the guy again, but sure enough he comes back about 15 minutes later and shows me a picture of himself bringing his garbage cans in from the curb the night of the awards with a garbage can in one hand and an Oscar in the other and says with a laugh, “You know what happens after you win an Oscar? Life goes on.”

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