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This photo of a Filipino tarsier is spreading around the interwebs because people see a resemblance to Yoda.

Emily Browning says that a steamy scene with Jon Hamm was cut from Sucker Punch to ensure a PG-13 Rating: “I had a very tame and mild love scene with Jon Hamm. It was like heavy breathing and making out. It was hardly a sex scene… I think that it’s great for this young girl to actually take control of her own sexuality. Well, the MPAA doesn’t like that. They don’t think a girl should ever be in control of her own sexuality because they’re from the Stone Age. I don’t know what the fuck is going on and I will openly criticize it, happily. So essentially, they got Zack to edit the scene and make it look less like she’s into it. And Zack said he edited it down to the point where it looked like he was taking advantage of her. That’s the only way he could get a PG-13 (rating) and he said, ‘I don’t want to send that message.’ So they cut the scene!”

How District 9 should have ended.

IMAX has reached a deal valued at about $100 million to open 75 new theaters in China.

Check out this huge Star Wars back tattoo.

Not only will Star Tours 2 have different beginning, middle and ends resulting in a possible 54 story combinations, but Magic Fun Facts is reporting that riders will be able to influence what happens during their journey.

Stan Chow imagines what Jon Hamm would look like as both Batman and Superman.

The Katherine Heigl comedy thriller One for the Money moves to January 27th 2012.

OneCoolThingADay brings us Alien vs. Predator (playing Chess)

Today marks the 24th anniversary of production of The Simpsons.

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