And lastly, here are a couple Japanese movie posters for The Fighter.

Miami New Times lists Five Classic Bromances in TV and Film.

Marvel Entertainment has released a new photo of Captain America.

Koldcast lists 10 Love Lessons Gleaned from Fatal Attraction.

A set of four viral posters for James Gunn‘s superhero indie dramady Super has been released.

IGN lists the top 10 douchebags in TV history.

Watch a 60 second stop-motion animated version of Wes Anderson‘s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.

ScreamTrilogy lists 12 Things To Learn From The Scream 4 TV Spot.

Peter Jackson has lost a lot of weight between the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the start of production on The Hobbit. Here is a before/after photo comparison.

Movieline lists 5 Goofy Early Works by Best Actress Oscar Winners

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