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A new photo of Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur in Green Lantern has been released in Wednesday’s comic book release of the series.

Edi Gathegi, who plays Darwin in X-Men: First Class, talks about his character:

“My character’s mutant ability is reactive adaptation. For instance if I fall from a building my bones turn to rubber. Or if the lights go out I have perfect vision in the pitch black. Or if I happen to get catapulted into outer space, my body no longer requires oxygen. That sort of thing. And the list is as extensive as the need to survive. ” … “Darwin is more or less a regular guy. And by that I mean he isn’t painted blue or anything. So visual effects are specifically relegated to my use of powers not for my overall look. Makeup was virtually non-existent.”

This Unreal Engine 3 realtime demo was presented at GDC 2011 by Epic Games, and while it isn’t movie related, it shows us what a Blade Runner video game could look like.

OWF lists 8 actors who could play the new Daredevil.

SplitReason is selling a great Army of Darkness-inspired t-shirt.

A movie adaptation of Gypsy isn’t dead just yet. A deal is close to being made at Universal Pictures, with Joel Silver producing.

Interviewer Weston Green from MakingOf experiences Source Code while interviewing actor Jake Gyllenhaal & director Duncan Jones.

James Gandolfini is in talks to star in HBO Films’ adaptation of Robert Egan and Kurt Pitzer‘s book Eating With the Enemy: How I Waged Peace With North Korea From My BBQ Shack in Hackensack.

Kimberly Chapman won runner-up for her Wolverine cake entry in the 2011 That Takes the Cake! Sugar Arts Show and Competition in Austin TX.

Cameron Diaz will receive CinemaCon’s Female Star of the Year Award.

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