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Illustrator Modi has charted the sectors of the Mid Rim, mapping out the boundaries within this section of space of the Star Wars universe.

The Playlist lists 5 Directors Who Could Take Over From Darren Aronofsky On The Wolverine.

/Film reader Jeff Y’s latest CINEMASHUP is called “The Dude” and it recuts the Coen Brothers’ stoner classic The Big Lebowski to a track by Quincy Jones— also called “The Dude.”

Bill Hader tells Collider how he came to be credited as a creative consultant on the 12th season of South Park:

I’m good friends with Trey and Matt. They asked me to come in on their South Park retreat. They have these retreats where you go to Seattle. One year we went to Boston. You just go and it’s like a dream. You go to an awesome place and stay in an awesome hotel and just for a couple of hours a day you swim around in South Park ideas. The first retreat I went on they seem to like…it just seemed to gel. It’s mostly those guys. I kind of hang out in the room. That is where I met Vernon Chatman and we started writing stuff together and now we are writing that movie for Scott Rudin. It’s very chill and then in the 13th season they actually brought me in as a writer and I actually wrote on the show for part of that season. I’m doing it again this season too. In April I’m going out there for three weeks. It’s just awesome. You hang out for a couple of hours just working out these ideas. It’s very peaceful. Just a couple of people in a room with Trey and Matt. It’s like a dream come true.

This Transformers t-shirt features Wheeljack, Hoist and Cliffjumper begging for work: “Will Work For Energon!”

Christopher Campbell wonders how documentaries could be changed for the better (I contributed to the group of critics that Campbell surveyed).

Watch some b-roll footage from the filming of Jodie Foster‘s The Beaver.

Trivia: Alec Baldwin claims that he lost out on Patriot Games because Paramount owed another actor (probably Harrison Ford) money:

The run of events in 1991 went like this. John McTiernan, who directed The Hunt For Red October, called me repeatedly over a period of a few days and that got my attention because John was not someone who did that. I knew it must be something important. I had been traveling to Syracuse to see my mother who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I had lost my dad in 1983 to lung cancer when he was fifty-five and the idea of being an orphan, technically speaking, at the age of 33 weighed heavily on me. It took a few rounds before John and I connected. On the phone, John told me that during the period of the previous few months, he had been negotiating to do a film with a very famous movie star who had dropped out of his film days before so that he could go star in the sequels to The Hunt For Red October. John further told me that Paramount owed the actor a large sum of money for a greenlit film that fell apart prior to this, and pushing me aside would help to alleviate that debt and put someone with much greater strength at the box office than mine in the role. I sat there mildly stunned because not only was I in an active negotiation with Paramount, but for them to negotiate simultaneously with another actor was against the law. My mother was about to have a double mastectomy. I asked John if he was sure about all of this and he said yes, he had talked with the famous actor directly who confirmed the story. All of this served to explain why the studio would not close my deal over what I thought were some relatively arbitrary issues surrounding the dates of production.

Paul/Adventureland director Greg Mottolla has tweeted “the dorkiest thing I ever made. self portrait, age 17, 80s hair”.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 3 is already in the works.

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