A gameplay trailer has been released for the Batman: Arkham City video game.

Brendan Fraser will star in the comedy heist film Whole Lotta Sole, directed by Terry George.

SomethingAwful has photoshopped Disney characters into famous films.

Colin Hanks reveals his idea of how Boba Fett should have come back from the dead in the Star Wars Special Editions in a StarWars.com interview.

Watch a video clip from the Conan O’Brien documentary Conan O’Brien: Can’t Stop.

Movieline lists 5 reasons why The Fighter 2 is a bad idea — just incase you havent figured it out yet.

Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative has created a movie poster for Gremlins.

The DVD/Blu-ray release of Vanishing on 7th Street, which stars Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton, and John Leguizamo, will feature a bunch of alternative endings.

Watch Wile E Coyote reenact 127 Hours.

Ray Stevenson talks to Rotten Tomatoes about his five favorite movies: Point Blank, Bullitt, Queen Margot, The Fountain, Where Eagles Dare.

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