Writer Neil Gaiman talks about copyright piracy on the web, and how he believes it helps, not hurts, book sales.

Jeremy Renner talks briefly with The Wrap about The Avengers:

“And then I go do “The Avengers” and hopefully I don’t get hit by a bus, because I’d really like to go see these movies. That’s all I do know to be true. People can speculate that I’m gonna sprout wings out my back and fly around this room. Okay, sure.”

Rian Johnson‘s latest behind the scenes photo from the set of Looper is a Brick cast reunion.

DC Women Kicking Ass have the casting call sheet for the upcoming Wonder Woman television pilot.

ThinkGeek is selling Zombie Jerky, a beef jerky made to look like zombie flesh.

Watch paraLUCHS’ 2009 shoer film “The Big LEGOwski”, a LEGO version of The Big Lebowski. [laughingsquid]

Greg Beeman has announced that he will be directing the series finale of Smallville. [cbm]

[No photo]

/Film reader Jason sent me a link to a bunch of photos of super cars being prepped for Mission: Impossible 4, which includes sightings of BMW VED concept car and other exotics.

CBM has a full list of international release dates for Green Lantern.

University of Amsterdam students Daniel Karavolos, Sicco van Sas, and Maarten van der Velden hacked an Xbox Kinect to create a Superman virtual reality game. [io9]

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