Bill Maher calls the AOL-owned Moviefone to see how it has been politically changed now that AOL has bought the Huffington Post, and Arianna Huffington has become editor of all AOL produced content.

Tommy Lee Jones tells Vulture about his character in Captain America: The First Avenger: “The character I play is the one you’ve seen in a thousand movies: the gruff, skeptical officer overseeing a team of talented, slightly sarcastic, specially talented soldiers.”

RubyRed is selling this Karate Kid-inspired t-shirt on RedBubble.

It looks like Patton Oswalt will be the first person to ever exhale pot smoke in 3D, when he appears in A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas as Santa Claus. [cinemablend]

Mark Coleran is the designer who creates the futuristic computer screens that characters in movies like The Bourne Ultimatum, Children of Men, and Mission Impossible 3 use. The design above he created for Children of Men, appeared almost a year before iTunes introduced the Coverflow interface.  [io9]

Producer David Heyman talks to Empire Magazine about an early cut of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

“I’ve seen a very, very early cut. It’s very exciting. No visual effects, no music, no sound effects, and it’s really exciting. But it’s early days and the film continues to take shape and will continue to take shape over the next many months. I think it will be a great ending to the series.” … “In terms of the King’s Cross scene, I think it does work and it’s very moving. We actually did it once, and then re-did it a little bit because we needed to refine something, and I’m pretty glad we did. It’s a very quiet, moving scene, but I think it leaves the series on the right note.”

IMPA has the poster for I Saw The Devil.

Gary Cole will star in Fox’s comedy pilot Tagged,  “a workplace ensemble set at the Los Angeles County’s coroner’s office that is loosely based on the life of Shiya Robowsky and centers on respected coroner James Percy (Cole) and his son, Wally, who joins him fresh out of medical school.” [deadline]

The Daily What posted this a photo of Leonard Nimoy from the 1967 Pear Blossom Festival in Medford, Oregon — the only time Nimoy ever appeared as Star Trek‘s Spock in public.

Michael Rosenbaum is coming back to Smallville after all, returning as LEx Luthor for the series finale: ‘I’m Doing It For the Fans’. [tvline]

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