Szoki has created a trilogy of Princess Leia Star Wars art prints. [geektyrant]

How To Train Your Dragon star Jay Baruchel took home the 3D talent award and Toy Story 3 was named favorite 3D animated movie at the 3D Creative Arts Awards.

LaughingSquid has a photo of LucasFilm’s coffee shop: Javva the Hutt.

Beginning this May, writer Paul Dini and video game concept artist Carlos D’anda will run a six-issue Batman: Arkham City comic book miniseries that helps “fill the 18-month gap between 2009’s Asylum and the Dark Knight’s upcoming Hugo Strange standoff this fall.” [comicsalliance]

Guillermo Del Toro commissioned his brother build him a replica of The Car, a murderous vehicle in a 1977 James Brolin horror film. Here is a photo of Del Toro’s new ride. [deltorofilms]

What whould happen if the Ghostbusters came up against… Ghost Rider? [myconfined]

Michael Alesich’s Battlestar Galactica-parody “Toaster” t-shirt is on sale on redbubble.

Rian Johnson continues to publish behind the scene photos from the set of Looper, today’s features “Boom operator John Hays: A man and his microphone.”

Our friends at Hijinks Ensue have published a new comic strip about the Detroit/Robocop statue story.

Tanga is offering a 1-Year Subscription to the Batman & Robin comic books for $11 with code BATMAN. [slick]

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