Iain Heath recreated Planet of the Apes in Lego. [superpunch]

Tony the Production Assistant explains what its like to work for Corporate Clients.

ThinkGeek is selling Tron: Legacy Kubricks (LEGO-like mini figs) from Japan

LEGO has revealed a life-size Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Lego sculpture. [nerdapproved]

And speaking of Pirates of the Caribbean and LEGO, here is a trailer for the upcoming LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean video game:

2046 design has created a bunch of posters for vintage movie cars. The one above features the time machine from Back to the Future.

Ilya Salkind, who produced Christopher Reeve’s Superman films, has reportedly been declared missing. [ew]

Joblo has an exclusive trailer for IFC Midnights’ Dream Home.

Amber Heard is in talks to be a Playboy Bunny in the new NBC Drama Pilot. [variety]

Super7Store is selling a cool t-shirt which combines the names of all the dead teens in the Friday the 13th series in the form of Jason’s mask. [badass]

Watch a two part tribute to fictional movie bands: [vulture]

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