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A first look at Tom Welling wearing his new Superman jacket in Smallville. [geektyrant]

Corey Haim was snubbed from the SAG Awards Memorian tribute video. [filmdrunk]

IMPA has another new international poster for Dylan Dog.

The New York Comic-Con will be expanding to four days in 2011. [newsarama]

The Captain America: The First Avenger eight-issue movie tie-in comic book Captain America: First Vengeance debuts Sunday. Check out some previews on Marvel.com.

Producer Carleton Cuse tells Entertainment Weekly that the Janet Jackson nipple slip controversy affected Lost: “After ‘Nipplegate,’ there was a higher level of scrutiny by Standards and Practices. It created a real sense of uncertainty about what constituted indecency. I remember sitting with [an ABC executive] going over a love scene frame by frame and debating how much of Kate’s lower breast we could see while Sawyer was lifting up her shirt,” Cuse says. [slice]

A bunch of new Green Lantern images have been uncovered via party supply design. [facebook]

Captain America party favors too. [facebook]

[No photo]

Lyrics.fr has some photos from the Strasbourg France set of Sherlock Holmes 2.

A couple of weeks of searching for a new buyer after being dropped by History, the controversial The Kennedys minisereis will finally be broadcast on the little known four-year-old digital cable channel Reelz Channel. A premiere date is set for April 3rd 2011. [deadline]

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