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CW has released a new poster for the final season of Smallville which teases Clark Kent with a caped Superman shadow. [cbm]

You can now legally download David Seidler‘s full screenplay for The King’s Speech.

Alex Eylar has created a Ghostbusters trap using LEGO. [superpunch]

Showtime has renewed Californication for Season 5 after one airing. [deadline]

David Soames and Phil Jones have created this awesome “Please Pick Up After Your Pets” graphic featuring various animated characters and their dogs, cats, or dinos. The design has been submitted for consideration to become a threadless t-shirt. Vote it up here. [tdw]

Paul Picerni, who played Eliot Ness’ right-hand man on TV’s The Untouchables, died Thursday in a hospital in Palmdale, CA at age 88. [thr]

I know this isn’t exactly new (its from 2007) but you must watch filmmaker David Lynch‘s response to product placement in movies.

Paris Hilton reveals her favorite movie scene to Movieline: “I really love the movie There’s Something About Mary. One of the funniest scenes is when the dog, like, dies and Ben Stiller has to electrocute it back to life. Who was it? Ben Stiller or Matt Damon? [Editor’s note: It was Matt Dillon.] And the dog, like, comes to life. I thought that was hilarious.”

EW reminds us that Lucasfilm has released a map of the Star Wars galaxy.

Stormtrooper eggs – fried or scrambled? [unique]

Wes Craven talks Scream 4: “Sid is under attack. She has a phobia – she’s never come back to her town except for the funeral of her father. Now she’s returning to a world that’s sane again, and then, of course, immediately it is not!” [joblo]

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