Scott C's amazing Great Showdown tribute to Mad Max: Fury Road

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Header Photo: Scott C’s amazing Great Showdown tribute to Mad Max: Fury Road

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Back to the Future

Daily Blog Post from Editor Peter Sciretta:

If You Could Go Back In Time And Watch A Film With An Original Audience, Which Movie Would It Be?

Okay so today’s miniblog topic came from a Reddit thread I came across that asked the same question: If you could travel back in time for the only purpose of experiencing/watching a film with the original audience opening weekend, which movie would you travel back in time to see? ITs not as simple of a question as you might think.

My first inclination is that I would travel back to 1985 to see my favorite movie Back to the Future on the big screen. I have seen the film on the big screen, but only in retrospectives. The first time I experienced the film was on premium cable, and then many times on VHS before finally seeing a film print in my 20’s. But I’m not sure that experience would be the greatest possible one I could choose.

Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat

My second thought is to go back for something far more historical, like the Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat (which you’ve probably read about in film class or learned about in Marin Scorsese’s Hugo). It would be interesting to see an audience react to one of the first projected movies, and see if they actually did freak out as the train approached the screen. But that would be a short screening, so maybe something else…

star wars

Maybe Star Wars, which came out before I was born. How cool would it have been to experience the opening screening on opening weekend? I can’t imagine the feeling in the air at that screening or the reaction from that crowd. It would be very cool indeed, but maybe not the best possible choice?

Empire Strikes Back

But I think my last and final choice would have to be Empire Strikes Back. I imagine people were much more excited for the sequel than the original Star Wars, so while it would lack the surprise over the effects and spectacle it would pack a surprise punch in the reveal of Darth Vader’s true identity near the end of the film. It would be cool to experience that fresh with an audience that has no idea. In a previous Page 2 blog, I brought up that many people of my generation knew about the classic spoilerific “I Am Your Father” line before ever seeing Empire, and yes I still believe the story point still has the same impact even with knowing the spoiler — but how cool would it be to see it with a room of people who live in a world not expecting it? And also that cliffhanger ending… that might make the ultimate movie screening for me to travel back in time to.

So let me put the question out to you the /Film readership — what movie screening would you travel back in time to see? Leave your choices and explain why in the comments below!

Okay guys, lets get to today’s edition of Page 2.

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