Updated Back to the Future time machine look like by Khyzyl Saleem. 

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Header Photo: Updated Back to the Future time machine look like by Khyzyl Saleem.

How Boyhood won by losing at the Oscars

How the Oscars unfolded on Twitter

Matt Needle's Oscar Bait print series

Matt Needle’s Oscar Bait print series

5 Insane Things You Believe About Money (Thanks to Movies)

36 Things We Learned from John McTiernan’s Predator Commentary

Gerald Parel's Masters of the Universe Movie Poster

Gerald Parel’s Masters of the Universe Movie Poster

Ranked: Every 2015 Oscar Acceptance Speech

5 memorable J.K. Simmons roles before ‘Whiplash


ShirtPunch Offers Four New star Wars Designs

What if Apple made a lightsaber?

The “Harry Potter” Saga as a Teen Movie [Video]

Oscar Wins By Studio: Fox Searchlight Tops Again

Mad Men Poster

Matthew Weiner Analyzes the Final, Official Mad Men Poster

Parks and Recreation: Everything Ron Swanson Has Eaten



LEGOs Explain How Boba Fett Escaped the Sarlacc

Sony, Jaume Collet-Serra PutSniper Elite’ In Cross Hairs; Sheldon Turner To Adapt Novel By ‘American Sniper’ Co-Author

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