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Header Photo: Eric Tan’s Star Wars art

The 20 Most Egregious Snubs in Oscar History

The 10 Worst Oscar Acting Snubs of the Last 10 Years

 Boba Fett Tattoo This Boba Fett Tattoo Is So Badass, It Tore Through This Guy’s Skin

Paul Thomas Anderson Reveals Secrets of Stoner Odyssey ‘Inherent Vice

5 Movies That Reused The Soundtracks of Other Movies


50 Cent Joins Forces With SMS Audio to Release a Second Edition of ‘Star Wars’-Themed Headphones

The 6 Best Soundtracks for Some of 2014’s Worst Movies

Robert Kinoshita, Robot Designer for ‘Forbidden Planet‘ and ‘Lost in Space,’ Dies at 100

ACME Co. t-shirt

ACME Co. t-shirt

Interstellar Got Robbed, Why It Deserved Way More Oscar Nominations

Check out this 120,000-piece replica Lego Rivendell

Breaking Down the Oscar Nominations: What the Hell Happened to ‘Selma’?

Predator 2 Video Game City Hunter Predator 7-Inch Scale Action Figure

Predator 2 Video Game City Hunter Predator 7-Inch Scale Action Figure

The slow ascents of Richard Linklater and Wes Anderson

‘Remember 1998?, A Nostalgic Highlight Reel of the Most Memorable Pop Culture From the Year 1998

Rodrigo Santoro to Play Jesus Christ in MGM’s ‘Ben-Hur‘ Remake

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