Artist repaintsHunger Games‘ doll to look exactly like Jennifer Lawrence

Will a Foreign-Language Film Ever Win a Best Pic Oscar?

Masterbuilders Union t-shirt

Masterbuilders Union t-shirt

Cameron Crowe’s Showtime ‘RoadiesPick Up Luke Wilson and Imogen Poots

Star Wars Leggings

These Star Wars Leggings Are The Shiniest

‘Terminator Genisys’ Trailer Q&A with Arnold Schwarzenegger


Lead Your Forces Preview the Skirmish Game in Imperial Assault

Tina Fey-Amy Poehler Comedy RetitledSisters

Harry Potter Envelope Turned Into Purse

Harry Potter Envelope Turned Into Purse

Kim Robert Koscki, Stuntman on the ‘Austin Powers’ Films, Dies at 51

Check Out Mark Hamill Talking About George Lucas’ Plans For ‘Episode VII’ Way Back In 1983

Jonah Hill in Talks for Todd Phillips’ ‘Arms and the Dudes

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