Our 16 Most Anticipated New Fall 2015 TV Shows

New Fall 2015 TV Shows

It’s September, and that means new television is just around the corner. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert really kicked things off, but it’s not until later this month that the new fall 2015 TV shows really swing into full gear. What will audiences latch onto this season?

Well, we’re not sure what’s going to land and stick around, but we’ve come up with a list of 16 Most Anticipated New Fall 2015 TV Shows, ranging from the return of The Muppets on ABC to the small screen versions of movies like Limitless on CBS to cable offerings such as Ash vs the Evil Dead and even a couple new Netflix shows.

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#16. Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

Premiere Date: September 15th on NBC

Why We’re Excited: Neil Patrick Harris has made the long-winded Emmy, Oscar and Tony award telecasts a little easier to endure by bringing his charisma, energy and general cheekiness to the table, and now he’s doing that with his very own show. Based on a British variety show and feeling like a throwback to the old days of television, the show will be full of sketches, pranks, audience fun, musical numbers (of course) and who knows what other kind of shenanigans. Sounds like it could be a blast.

Official Synopsis:

Five Emmy Awards and a Tony Award make multi-talented Neil Patrick Harris the perfect star for this live one-hour show that is unlike any other currently on American television. Complete with stunts, skits, pranks, audience interaction, musical numbers, giveaways and unlimited surprises, this show proves that anything can happen, and it can happen to you. Based on the wildly popular British hit “Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway,” the modernized variety show format and its fearless, multi-talented star will make for one of the best nights ever on TV week after week.

Neil Patrick Harris, Orly Adelson, Siobhan Greene, David A. Hurwitz, Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly executive produce. “Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris” is produced by ITV Studios America.

#15. Moonbeam City

Premiere Date: September 16th on Comedy Central

Why We’re Excited: It’s an animated series much different than what we’ve come to expect from Comedy Central. Taking cues from anime and the 80s, particularly the art of Patrick Nagel, the show certainly has influences of Archer, and it looks just as ridiculous. But for me, the big selling point is the voice cast, which includes Rob Lowe in the lead role as Dazzle Novak, and supporting characters played by Elizabeth Banks, Will Forte and Kate Mara.

Official Synopsis:

The animated series Moonbeam City stars Rob Lowe as Dazzle Novak, a detective in America’s most fluorescent metropolis, whose desire to serve is second only to his nonstop sex drive. But with Chief Pizzaz Miller (Elizabeth Banks) cramping his style and his rival Rad Cunningham (Will Forte) undermining him at every turn, he may have to face the (very synthy) music and do some actual police work.

#14. Blindspot

Premiere Date: September 21st on NBC

Why We’re Excited: While this has the potential to fall into typical serial mystery territory, getting drawn out and taking too many twists and turns, there’s something about NBC’s new show that has me curious. Maybe it’s Jaimie Alexander in the lead role, covered in tattoos, popping out of a gym bag in Times Square. Maybe it’s just the vibe of The Bourne Identity with a woman in the lead role. Or maybe it’s because the show hails from Greg Berlanti of The Flash and Arrow. Whatever it is, I’m intrigued to see where this goes.

Official Synopsis:

From executive producer Greg Berlanti (“Arrow,” “The Flash,” “The Mysteries of Laura”) comes “Blindspot”: A vast international plot explodes when a beautiful Jane Doe, completely covered in mysterious, intricate tattoos, is discovered naked in Times Square with no memory of who she is or how she got there. But there’s one tattoo that is impossible to miss: the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller, emblazoned across her back. “Jane,” Agent Weller and the rest of the FBI quickly realize that each mark on her body is a crime to solve, leading them closer to the truth about her identity and the mysteries to be revealed.

The cast includes Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Audrey Esparza, Rob Brown, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Ukweli Roach and Ashley Johnson.

Martin Gero serves as writer and executive producer. Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and director Mark Pellington also executive produce. “Blindspot” is produced by Warner Bros. Television and Berlanti Productions.

#13. Minority Report

Premiere Date: September 21st on Fox

Why We’re Excited: It’s a pseudo-reboot/continuation of the Steven Spielberg directed sci-fi film, based on the short story of the same name by acclaimed sci-fi author Philip K. Dick. The pre-crime program is dead, but one of the former pre-cogs has returned to law enforcement in secret to help a police detective by helping to stop the murders that he keeps having visions of before they happen. It’s the appeal of the Minority Report world meeting the crime procedural genre of television that has piqued my interest, and I’m hoping it’s not too repetitive or dull.

Official Synopsis:

The future is coming. Based on the international blockbuster film by executive producer Steven Spielberg and the first of his films to be adapted for television, MINORITY REPORT follows the unlikely partnership between a man haunted by the future and a cop haunted by her past, as they race to stop the worst crimes of the year 2065 before they happen. Set in Washington, D.C., it is 10 years after the demise of Precrime, a law enforcement agency tasked with identifying and eliminating criminals…before their crimes were committed. To carry out this brand of justice, the agency used three precogs – “precognitives” Dash, Arthur and Agatha – who were able to see the future. Now, in 2065, crime-solving is different, and justice leans more on sophisticated and trusted technology than on the instincts of the precogs. Precog DASH (Stark Sands, “Inside Llewyn Davis”) – driven by his terrifying, but fragmented visions – now has returned in secret to help a brash, but shrewd police detective, LARA VEGA (Meagan Good, “Think Like A Man” franchise, “Californication”), attempt to stop the murders that he predicts. As they navigate this future America, they will search for Dash’s missing twin brother, ARTHUR, and elude others who will stop at nothing to exploit their precog abilities. Also complicating matters is Dash and Arthur’s ingenious, but reclusive, foster sister, AGATHA (Laura Regan, “Mad Men,” “Unbreakable”), who just wants Dash to return home. A drama of crime and conspiracy, this is a timeless story of connection: two lost souls, Dash and Vega, who find friendship, purpose and redemption in each other.

#12. The Grinder

Premiere Date: September 29th on Fox

Why We’re Excited: There’s just something about Rob Lowe and Fred Savage playing feuding brothers that tickles my fancy. Plus, I love the fact that this series will likely skewer the silliness of some legal dramas that never seem to end on network television and TNT. Savage has long had a place in TV history thanks to The Wonder Years, and having him star in a comedy series as an adult (after directing episodes of shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelpha, Party Down, Happy Endings, Modern Family and tons more) has a lot of potential to be something really fun.

Official Synopsis:

How many TV lawyers does it take to try a real-life case in a real-life courtroom? One, and his name is THE GRINDER. Starring Emmy Award nominee Rob Lowe (“Parks and Recreation,” “The West Wing”), THE GRINDER is a new comedy about a famous TV lawyer at a crossroads. When his legal series ends, he decides to move back home and join his family’s real law firm – despite having no formal education, no bar certification, no license to practice and no experience in an actual courtroom. DEAN SANDERSON (Lowe) spent eight seasons playing the title role on the hit legal drama “The Grinder.” Now he’s moving back to his hometown of Boise, Idaho, where his brother, STEWART (Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award nominee Fred Savage, “The Wonder Years”), is a real-life attorney who is poised to take over the family law firm. It doesn’t take long for Dean to start injecting his TV drama into every aspect of Stewart’s life, both in the courtroom and at home, impacting Stewart’s wife – and Dean’s high school sweetheart – DEBBIE (Mary Elizabeth Ellis, NEW GIRL, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”); their two kids, 15-year-old LIZZIE (Hana Hayes, “Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures”) and 13-year-old ETHAN (Connor Kalopsis, “Days Of Our Lives”); and Dean and Stewart’s father, the law firm’s head, DEAN SR. (William Devane, “24: Live Another Day”). Dean and Stewart don’t see to eye to eye, but when they stop arguing with each other and start arguing together in court…they make a formidable team. THE GRINDER is the story of two brothers, who took different paths, but meet again in the middle – for justice…sort of.

#11. Heroes Reborn

Premiere Date: September 24th on NBC

Why We’re Excited: After the original iteration of Heroes crashed hard, despite such a promising first season, rebooting series sounds like the best idea. In addition to bringing back characters from the original series, there’s a whole new cast of superpowered characters to drive the story, including Chuck star Zachary Levi in a lead role. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this “new” show is that the series only has a 13-episode order, so the show won’t overstay its welcome hopefully, and won’t have any hollow filler episodes just to meet a quota.

Official Synopsis:

After a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas, left the city decimated and lives in shambles, those with extraordinary abilities are in hiding after being blamed for the catastrophic event. A new world order has them being hunted by those with nefarious motives, such as Luke (Zachary Levi) and Joanne Collins (Judi Shekoni), who are out to avenge a tragic loss of their son. Meanwhile, Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) has taken measures to put his old life behind him and start over, until he comes face to face with Quentin Frady (Henry Zebrowski), a conspiracy theorist out to uncover the truth behind the Odessa tragedy. Elsewhere, some are discovering their newfound skills. Awkward teen Tommy (Robbie Kay) just wants to be normal and win the girl of his dreams, Emily (Gatlin Green), but normalcy is virtually impossible after learning of a new ability that terrifies him. Coming from a very sheltered upbringing, a bold and ethereal teenager, Malina (Danika Yarosh), has been told she is destined for greatness. In Tokyo, a quiet and unique young woman, Miko (Kiki Sukezane), is trying to track down her missing father while hiding an extraordinary secret that will make her a force to be reckoned with. In Los Angeles, a different type of hero is emerging through former soldier Carlos (Ryan Guzman). For better or for worse, some are fated to cross paths with assorted heroes of the past and together their ultimate destiny is nothing less than saving the world and mankind.

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