New Bourne Film Gets New Writer

new Bourne writer

If Martin Riggs of Lethal Weapon wants to be reborn with the help of Justin Lin, he’ll have to go through Aaron Cross, and perhaps Jason Bourne. Lin has moved on from Universal’s money-printing Fast/Furious machine to direct the next Bourne movie. And now there’s a new writer on board to help move things along.

We still don’t know what this next film will be, aside from the fact that it will act as a sequel to the Jeremy Renner vehicle The Bourne Legacy, and therefore perhaps satisfy our desire, nay, our deep need, for chems. More chems!

We probably won’t know much more about the film for a while, but we do have one new detail: Andrew Baldwin has just been hired to script. He worked on the long-simmering Logan’s Run remake, and also wrote the “terrorist thriller” Bastille Day that has Idris Elba attached to play one lead role.

This comes just days after Matt Damon talked about the fact that he’d still be open to going back to Bourne with director Paul Greengrass, if only they had a story. So while there is ambition in some corners to bring Aaron Cross and Jason Bourne together in a film, it seems like Renner will have to carry the franchise alone for now. [THR]

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